Like a Girl

At Performance, we like to do themes for each year.  Last year’s theme was CELEBRATE!  We had so much fun celebrating families, summer, new skills, gymnastics, and much more!

This year we are celebrating everything GIRL POWER! Women are such powerful role models, and we feel it is necessary to show the young ones just how awesome they are!

Our theme title is… “LIKE A GIRL.” This month we are showing everyone just how strong girls are.

Strong like a girl

Stay tuned to see the videos of our very talented and STRONG kids we have here at Performance!


We have a few more fun and exciting things happening this month!

New Year newsletter

And here is a little more information about our Day Camp coming up!


We will also be having Open Gyms every Friday from 8-9 pm!  So much to look forward to so far in this New Year!!



This past weekend our level 6-9 gymnasts competed in their State Meet. To say the least…these girls absolutely SMASHED it! We had 52 girls place in the top 3 on either the events or in the all around. We had 20 State Champions as well! Our level 6 and 7 teams both finished 4th in the state. Our level 7 and 8s all qualified to Regionals and will be training for that over the next few weeks. We are so proud of each and every girl on this team and can’t wait to keep progressing! Pink and sparkles are here to stay!!

Check out the full results below!

Level 6 Team: 112.95 4th place

Vault: 8.9 (8th)  Bars: 9.275 (2nd)  Beam: 9.35 (3rd)  Floor: 9.475 (5th) All Around: 37.0 (3rd)
Vault: 8.925 (8th)  Bars: 9.35 (2nd)  Beam: 9.25 (5th)  Floor: 9.325 (7th) All Around: 36.85(3rd)
Vault: 8.6 (13th)  Bars: 9.4 (1st)  Beam: 9.25 (7th)  Floor: 9.4 (8th) All Around: 36.65(4th)
Vault: 8.525 (15th)  Bars: 7.75 (14th)  Beam: 9.5 (1st)  Floor: 9.425 (7th) All Around: 35.2 (14th)
Vault: 8.55 (14th)   Beam: 9.5 (1st)  Floor: 9.575 (1st)
Vault: 9.1 (4th)  Bars: 8.35 (11th)  Beam: 8.5 (15th)  Floor: 9.525 (2nd) All Around: 35.475 (9th)
Vault: 9.35 (1st)  Bars: 9.425 (1st)  Beam: 9.4 (1st)  Floor: 9.35 (3rd) All Around: 37.525 (1st)
Vault: 9.25 (2nd)  Bars:8.35 (9th)  Beam: 9.325 (5th)  Floor: 9.55 (2nd) All Around: 36.475 (5th)
Vault: 8.9 (5th)  Bars: 9.3 (3rd)  Beam: 9.4 (2nd)  Floor: 9.55 (1st) All Around: 37.15 (3rd)
Vault: 8.7 (10th)  Bars: 8.825 (6th)  Beam: 8.375 (16th)  Floor: 9.275 (7th) All Around: 35.175 (12th)

Level 7 Team: 114.05 4th place

Vault: 9.425 (2nd)  Bars: 9.375 (3rd)  Beam: 9.575 (1st)  Floor: 9.625(1st) All Around: 38.0 (1st)
Vault: 9.65 (1st)  Bars: 9.35 (1st)  Beam: 9.375 (2nd)  Floor: 9.6 (2nd) All Around: 37.975 (1st)
Vault: 9.55 (1st)  Bars: 8.55 (13th)  Beam: 9.225 (6th)  Floor: 9.25 (6th) All Around: 36.575 (9th)
Vault: 9.475 (2nd)  Bars: 8.8 (9th)  Beam: 9.125 (8th)  Floor: 9.075 (6th) All Around: 36.475(9th)
Vault: 9.65 (1st)  Bars: 9.325 (3rd)  Beam: 9.225 (3rd)  Floor: 9.6 (2nd) All Around: 37.8 (2nd)
Vault: 9.5 (3rd)  Bars: 9.475 (2nd)  Beam:8.7 (7th)  Floor: 9.55 (1st) All Around: 37.225 (3rd)
Vault: 8.9 (13th)  Bars: 9.0 (4th)  Beam: 9.175 (2nd)  Floor: 8.75(10th) All Around: 35.825 (4th)

Level 8s
Vault: 9.4 (2nd)  Bars: 9.525 (2nd)  Beam: 9.4 (2nd)  Floor: 9.15(12th) All Around: 37.475 (2nd)
Vault: 9.15 (3rd)  Bars: 9.5 (1st)  Beam: 9.3 (1st)  Floor: 9.4 (3rd) All Around: 37.35 (1st)

Level 9s
Vault: 8.85 (6th)  Bars: 6.25 (13th)  Beam: 8.475 (10th)  Floor:8.95 (8th) All Around: 32.525(12th)
Vault: 8.85 (6th)  Bars: 7.75 (9th)  Beam: 8.7 (5th)  Floor: 8.925 (9th) All Around: 34.175 (8th)