Mock meet

We had our annual Mock Meet on Sunday December 17th!  It was a blast!! First up to compete were our xcels!  It was our silvers first competition ever and they did a fabulous job!  Our gold and platinums also rocked it!!

We do something a little extra special with our optionals and made it an inter-squad competition.  We split up into three groups: team blue, team red, and team pink!


We came up with some pretty awesome themes this year!!  We had so much fun and we are so proud of how well the girls competed!

The winners of the mock meet receive bragging rights for a year and some delicious gourmet cupcakes from: Cake Hope Love!

The winners of this year AND last year are…. Team Pink!!!  Blue or red will get them next year!

Last but not least were our level 4s and level 3s!!  We were very impressed with how well they competed and we are so excited for our first competition in January!  Aren’t they the cutest!


Stay tuned to find out how they do!!


The Ride Home

“When I got these players alone, and asked them “what was your least favorite moment in sports?” I often got a very similar and sad answer: the ride home after the game.” – states John O’Sullivan in a very informative article.

It is amazing to see how big of an impact you truly have on a child.  Whether you are a coach, a parent, a friend, aunt, uncle, whomever, children are always listening, always watching.

In sports, children are being critiqued by anyone and everyone around them.  Their coaches, the judges at competitions, and sometimes their teammates.  The last thing that these kids need is to also be critiqued by their parents.

John O’Sullivan also states, “Many children indicated to me that parental actions and conversations after games made them feel as though their value and worth in their parents’ eyes was tied to their athletic performance, and the wins and losses of their team.”

It is very important for children to have a huge support system, no matter how well or terrible they did.

Let’s go out there and help these kids be the best that they can be!