The Ride Home

“When I got these players alone, and asked them “what was your least favorite moment in sports?” I often got a very similar and sad answer: the ride home after the game.” – states John O’Sullivan in a very informative article.

It is amazing to see how big of an impact you truly have on a child.  Whether you are a coach, a parent, a friend, aunt, uncle, whomever, children are always listening, always watching.

In sports, children are being critiqued by anyone and everyone around them.  Their coaches, the judges at competitions, and sometimes their teammates.  The last thing that these kids need is to also be critiqued by their parents.

John O’Sullivan also states, “Many children indicated to me that parental actions and conversations after games made them feel as though their value and worth in their parents’ eyes was tied to their athletic performance, and the wins and losses of their team.”

It is very important for children to have a huge support system, no matter how well or terrible they did.

Let’s go out there and help these kids be the best that they can be!



This past weekend our level 6-9 gymnasts competed in their State Meet. To say the least…these girls absolutely SMASHED it! We had 52 girls place in the top 3 on either the events or in the all around. We had 20 State Champions as well! Our level 6 and 7 teams both finished 4th in the state. Our level 7 and 8s all qualified to Regionals and will be training for that over the next few weeks. We are so proud of each and every girl on this team and can’t wait to keep progressing! Pink and sparkles are here to stay!!

Check out the full results below!

Level 6 Team: 112.95 4th place

Vault: 8.9 (8th)  Bars: 9.275 (2nd)  Beam: 9.35 (3rd)  Floor: 9.475 (5th) All Around: 37.0 (3rd)
Vault: 8.925 (8th)  Bars: 9.35 (2nd)  Beam: 9.25 (5th)  Floor: 9.325 (7th) All Around: 36.85(3rd)
Vault: 8.6 (13th)  Bars: 9.4 (1st)  Beam: 9.25 (7th)  Floor: 9.4 (8th) All Around: 36.65(4th)
Vault: 8.525 (15th)  Bars: 7.75 (14th)  Beam: 9.5 (1st)  Floor: 9.425 (7th) All Around: 35.2 (14th)
Vault: 8.55 (14th)   Beam: 9.5 (1st)  Floor: 9.575 (1st)
Vault: 9.1 (4th)  Bars: 8.35 (11th)  Beam: 8.5 (15th)  Floor: 9.525 (2nd) All Around: 35.475 (9th)
Vault: 9.35 (1st)  Bars: 9.425 (1st)  Beam: 9.4 (1st)  Floor: 9.35 (3rd) All Around: 37.525 (1st)
Vault: 9.25 (2nd)  Bars:8.35 (9th)  Beam: 9.325 (5th)  Floor: 9.55 (2nd) All Around: 36.475 (5th)
Vault: 8.9 (5th)  Bars: 9.3 (3rd)  Beam: 9.4 (2nd)  Floor: 9.55 (1st) All Around: 37.15 (3rd)
Vault: 8.7 (10th)  Bars: 8.825 (6th)  Beam: 8.375 (16th)  Floor: 9.275 (7th) All Around: 35.175 (12th)

Level 7 Team: 114.05 4th place

Vault: 9.425 (2nd)  Bars: 9.375 (3rd)  Beam: 9.575 (1st)  Floor: 9.625(1st) All Around: 38.0 (1st)
Vault: 9.65 (1st)  Bars: 9.35 (1st)  Beam: 9.375 (2nd)  Floor: 9.6 (2nd) All Around: 37.975 (1st)
Vault: 9.55 (1st)  Bars: 8.55 (13th)  Beam: 9.225 (6th)  Floor: 9.25 (6th) All Around: 36.575 (9th)
Vault: 9.475 (2nd)  Bars: 8.8 (9th)  Beam: 9.125 (8th)  Floor: 9.075 (6th) All Around: 36.475(9th)
Vault: 9.65 (1st)  Bars: 9.325 (3rd)  Beam: 9.225 (3rd)  Floor: 9.6 (2nd) All Around: 37.8 (2nd)
Vault: 9.5 (3rd)  Bars: 9.475 (2nd)  Beam:8.7 (7th)  Floor: 9.55 (1st) All Around: 37.225 (3rd)
Vault: 8.9 (13th)  Bars: 9.0 (4th)  Beam: 9.175 (2nd)  Floor: 8.75(10th) All Around: 35.825 (4th)

Level 8s
Vault: 9.4 (2nd)  Bars: 9.525 (2nd)  Beam: 9.4 (2nd)  Floor: 9.15(12th) All Around: 37.475 (2nd)
Vault: 9.15 (3rd)  Bars: 9.5 (1st)  Beam: 9.3 (1st)  Floor: 9.4 (3rd) All Around: 37.35 (1st)

Level 9s
Vault: 8.85 (6th)  Bars: 6.25 (13th)  Beam: 8.475 (10th)  Floor:8.95 (8th) All Around: 32.525(12th)
Vault: 8.85 (6th)  Bars: 7.75 (9th)  Beam: 8.7 (5th)  Floor: 8.925 (9th) All Around: 34.175 (8th)




Open Gym Fridays!

If you are looking for something to do on a Friday night for your kids, this is the place to be!  For one hour and the low cost of $5-$7, your child can come play in our gym!  We welcome ages 6-17 years old!  If they are already taking a class and want a little extra help, or if they are just wanting to come and play, come join us for our open gym time!  It will be held this Friday, February 9th, 2017 from 8-9.  See you there!

For more information please feel free to call us at 937-723-8799 or visit our website at!

Leotards, Grip Bags and more, Oh my!

Starting a new class soon?  In need of a whole new outfit or would like to show some team spirit?  Stop in and check out our new shipment of t-shirts, leotards, scrunchies and flashy grip bags!  For pricing please feel free to call at 937-723-8799!  See you soon!