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Study Tips with Logan

study tips with logan

This is one of our wonderful gymnasts Logan!  She is just like many of you who have to figure out how to balance school work with gymnastics/sports and has come up with some great tips for you gymnasts/athletes out there!


  1. Do your homework/studying right when you get home from school
    • This way you can have the rest of your night free or when you come home from your sport, you don’t need to do anything
  2. Take Breaks
    • This is so you don’t get too bored/distracted while you study and you can refocus
  3. Do it with friends
    • If you are confused, they can help you.  You guys can quiz each other, help out each other with difficult homework.  And its fun!
  4. DON’T procrastinate
    • You wont have to stress about it and you will have more free time.
  5. Ask Questions at School
    • Teachers are there to help you and you won’t be confused.
  6. Highlight things that confuse you
    • They will stand out and you will see them first so that you can remember them easier.  You can also write in multiple pen colors to help you!


Balancing School work and Sports

Throughout the years of coaching, we have seen many kids become so stressed out about school that if affects both school AND their sport.  Here is a short list for those who struggle to do both!  There is a way!

  • Do NOT procrastinate!
    • Yes, you have a boat load of homework so it stresses you out so much you get overwhelmed, and in turn put it off till the last minute.  We have all been there!  Try to get it done as soon as possible!
  • Plan your weekends wisely
    • We all know sports and school take up a lot of your time, so when it comes to weekends you just want to relax!  Try and get your homework done the minute you have some free time so you have the rest of your weekend to hang out with friends, see a movie, or just relax!  This goes in part to procrastinating.  Don’t leave it until Sunday night to get everything finished.  This will overwhelm you and stress you out for the upcoming week.
  • Realize one helps the other
    • Being able to take a break from school and go to your practice, helps you be able to clear your mind from school for a few hours and be able to focus better once you get back to school work.
    • Exercise also helps relieve stress!
    • In an article by Justin Williamson, He goes on to say, “When managed properly, sports and academics don’t clash with each other at all; they actually complement each other and help you to put all of your hard-earned skills to use.”
    • Once you are able to realize that both of these benefit each other, you are able to relax a little more and focus on each thing individually.
  • Create a list/buy a planner
    • Sometimes it is so helpful to be able to write down everything you need to accomplish and cross it off once you do.  You will feel even more satisfied once you are able to complete your list.
    • When you make a list, if there is a subject that you know you struggle with, put it on the list.  Once you accomplish it, the rest of the list will be smooth sailing!
    • If you buy a planner, it will help you better plan when you need to accomplish assignments, study, etc.  That way you can stop yourself from procrastinating!
  • Think of your sport other than work

We hope this helps with those who are struggling.  Feel free to share and pass this is on if it helped!